NetWave is a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders since 2006 and provider of Big Data and Analytics solutions onboard the vessel. NetWave, based in the Netherlands near the port of Rotterdam, is also the developer of the SeaWise Cloud platform. NetWave is Lloyds’ ISO certified and holds numerous Notified Body and MED certifications for development, manufacturing, and service of maritime electronics.

NetWave has deployed 5500 VDR installations on ship’s and services these with NetWave technical staff in conjunction with over 1000 NetWave trained and certified service engineers 24/7 available along the major shipping routes.

NetWave is committed to assisting ship operators in determining the current operational status, the path to compliance, and current setup of the vessel. We provide the customer with an actionable plan to get data from the ship to shore.



We4Sea simply loves efficiency. They are in this world with the ambition to make a difference in shipping efficiency. Together with you, they will make shipping more efficient, cleaner, cheaper and sustainable.

We4Sea solves the technology behind efficiency. Efficiency simulation software enables ship designers and component manufacturers to assess the efficiency performance of ships and their components. Based on an expected operational profile and real world data of similar ships, the most energy-efficient propulsion configuration can be selected.

Component efficiency data predicts the return on investment times. We4Sea offers knowledge of the ship’s propulsion systems, an up to date insight into innovative, new technologies which drive to improve shipping for transporters and the world makes We4Sea the perfect partner for analyzing and improving your fleet!