Vessels consume lots of energy. Often, over 70% of the voyage costs of ships can be attributed to fuel costs. New regulatory standards, such as MRV1 and Sulphur Emission Control Area’s, will increase this figure even further as it requires cleaner and more expensive fuels for compliance. A thorough insight into ship’s efficiency is crucial to control these costs and drive them down.

NetWave’s SeaWise technology offers a generic solution to automatically collect, filter, normalize, report and validate all kinds of relevant data aboard the ship while building for immediate or future analysis and performance optimization in the Cloud.

As a first in the industry, NetWave has formed a strategic alliance with We4Sea to enable fuel consumption monitoring & optimization, taking ship’s characteristics and varying (ship’s or other) environmental conditions into account. With We4Sea’s 20+ years’ experience in the maritime industry backed by research at TU Delft, MARIN and TNO it was observed that most ships rarely sail as they were intended during design. Differences can be noted in sailing speed, sailing area, and fuel type. We4Sea optimizes them based on actual use, not for intended use, giving customers better fuel efficiency.

The SeaWise solution either uses NetWave’s Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) or NetWave’s dedicated SeaWise gateway as a data-collection unit which sends the data to the Cloud where it is harmonized and analyzed and the outcomes of which are made available for further analysis or processing.

Although virtually any shipboard data source may be logged and taken into the equation, We4Sea have developed advanced tools for energy modeling allowing to optimize the vessel’s performance based on a standardized sensor signal already available at a ship’s bridge level today.

A NetWave VDR or dedicated SeaWise gateway (which may reside alongside any other VDR) is required to filter, store and forward data into the SeaWise cloud via the ship’s current data communications solution. As a result of filtering, encryption, and compression, the associated data communications cost is negligible.

Jointly, NetWave and We4Sea help ship-owners to monitor and optimize fuel costs and introduce Data Driven Decisions in fuel consumption for ships.