At the ship’s side, either a NetWave VDR or NetWave’s SeaWise Gateway which may reside alongside any VDR is the easiest and ready-to-implement solution to connect any vessel’s navigation, engine room, fuel or any other data sensors and systems into the cloud. Interfaces are readily available for analog, digital, and serial data as well provide support for ethernet, ModBus and J1939 standards.

SeaWise shipboard functionality collects all customer’ defined data and sends it to shore using 4G, FBB or VSAT connections.

As such, customers can use the solution to aggregate shipboard data from the day the shipboard solution is installed, optimize data availability by filtering and enjoy the speed of integration with virtually any application of their choice at any chosen moment.

On top of standard applications offered by NetWave or third-parties, the SeaWise Platform API will become open to (authenticated) users allowing them to access raw and processed data for a particular vessel or fleet. The ‘open’ API is the catalyst for change, unleashing information and eliminating the friction of integration for unprecedented speed and agility. With the API-led connectivity approach, SeaWise is lifting the weight of custom connections and freeing companies to innovate faster upon vessel performance data.

With NetWave’s unrivaled service-network with over 1000 NetWave trained and certified engineers along the major shipping-routes continuity is guaranteed.