Quick wins powered by We4Sea

With We4Sea’s 20+ years’ experience in the maritime industry backed by research at TU Delft, MARIN, and TNO it was observed that most ships rarely sail as they were intended during design. Differences can be noted in sailing speed, sailing area, and fuel type. We4Sea optimizes them based on actual use, not for intended use, giving customers better fuel efficiency.

The SeaWise monitoring system, which may be part of the NetWave VDR or dedicated SeaWise gateway, collects data on ships 24/7, using ship data, AIS (Automatic Identification System) data, and meter data (currents, waves, wind direction and -speed), to create an operational profile: speed and position at any given point in time.

Apart from readily available standard web browser-based solutions right at your fingertips, We4Sea can develop an energy model of your specific ship. This model describes the energy flows through your vessel, from the fuel tank to the propeller. This model is different for each ship, as the configurations, engine brands, and settings differ per ship.

Combining the two, and using the data on the operational profile, we can calculate how much energy (fuel) is needed to reach the speed that we have observed. The results of this analysis are calculated on a continuous basis throughout the vessels voyage and are shown on the web-based platform accessible by subscription.

Data shown included ships track, fuel consumption, fuel type used and associated cost, CO2 emissions, speed logs, resistance due to the wind, waves, and currents, fuel-efficiency performance etc.

The data creates an in-depth insight into the operational profile of the ship and can be the basis of Data Driven Decisions to retrofit a ship and/or optimize fuel consumption for ships by giving the crew insight in the profile.