Using data to solve your direct MRV challenges will allow you to make the best of this required additional effort, and make it a positive business case. Big Data and Analytics for vessel data present an opportunity for cost reduction, revenue improvement, and new business models.

As the cost of fuel accounts for ~80% of daily operating costs, ship owners and operators have the desire to operate their ships with maximum energy efficiency. While efficiency has improved in relative terms (due to economies of scale), in absolute terms, the powering power-demands for the propulsion and power generation of ships have increased. Combined with concerns over future fossil-fuel dependency and our environmental footprint, propulsion and powering will become a key focus of technology development.

External research shows potential for operational cost reduction for 15-20% in the next ten years.

Analytics enabled by SeaWise will help you to ‘pick the low hanging fruit’ by providing insights in behavioral performance leaks, e.g.:

  • Slow steaming
  • Trim optimization
  • Speed pattern optimization
  • Crew Awareness